Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Laura's Favorites #5 - Planning a Vacation

Just the word vacation makes me want to start to look at prices for flights and hotels.  Research and read reviews, finding the best deal with good days and times to travel.  I have the longing to get out of Seattle to somewhere sunny in the winter time and have no desire to travel away from Seattle in the summer time, unless it is a quick trip to somewhere within in driving... like the coast or Vancouver.  As soon as I get the go from Paul I am nearly obsessed with finding the perfect trip.  The next part of the high for me is waiting for the trip to happen.  Going back to look at the hotel or condo that I picked over and over.  Looking for fun activities and finding a fun new restaurant to try out.  Don't get me wrong I love the actual vacation too but would never want to leave the planning to someone else.

Speaking of .. Paul where and when are we going on vacation next?

Ioa State Park in Maui , May 2010.


Paul Cooley said...

I'll give you the GO. Lets go somewhere; maybe back to Oregon. Another option, we could go find the Rockies and see if they are still there.

Unknown said...

Want to find me the cheapest flight to PVR 12/18-12/25? Come on you know you do!

Anonymous said...

I hear the Niagara is really nice :)