Monday, May 24, 2010

Alex is 8 months.. WHAT?!

This last month was a huge month for Alex. Lets just say the family wasn't ready but he was. Month 6 Alex spend rocking and rolling back and forth letting us know he was ready to go. Month 7 Alex took off full speed and there is no looking back. He mastered crawling, sitting and getting to sitting in his first week of month 7. Mom was happy, Nathan has not been impressed with his destructive brother. Nathan does like that Alex will follow him around the house.... including up the stairs. I was in the kitchen chopping veggies for a stir fry and the power went out. I decided I was going to tell Nathan, so I walk out of the kitchen and find both of the boys up 2 stairs and working on the third. Baby gate will be going up soon. Alex has mastered eating in month 7. He loves all orange veggies and any fruit (prunes and apples) so far. Cereal was his favorite to start with but has moved on to Mum Mums and Cheerios. Lastly Alex got his first 2 teeth this past month. He is growing so fast and I am enjoying every minute of it.

A few random things about Alex: He loves to watch his brother do anything, he will follow him to any room. Laughs if Nathan makes any strange sound. Alex is the happiest baby. He loves any attention, loves everyone. He is fast. One second he is under feet the next I can find him under a table or climbing up something. Alex has finds everything, crumbs, paper, plastic. It of course goes in his mouth. I have pulled dirt, soft plastic, small toys from his mouth. Alex seems to have gotten the laid back personality that I saw in his brother at this age. Don't get me wrong he gets mad when I take something he wants. Alex loves to be held. He will lay with me for 10-15 mins in the morning while we wake up together. This is my favorite alone time with him. Alex is independent. He will play for 30 mins by himself. Alex smiles... everyone always tells me how much they love his smiles.

Nathan is 32 months now. Nathan is amazing me. His imagination has taken off. He sees images in clouds and animals in his scribbles. He is full of questions and will ask the same one over and over until I ask him the same question. He has a love for trains and firetrucks.. well any truck really. He can remember names of all the new babies in his life and there a a ton these days. Nathan loves to "go get" Alex when he wakes from a nap. When he hears Alex on the monitor he says "Mommy Alex is a wake, I will go get him" and the takes off for his room.