Monday, March 26, 2007

BC update

Mom and Paul got to attend today's ultrasound. Baby is doing great. He is in the 66 percentile for its age. So pretty much a average baby. The baby is 21 weeks 3 days and weights about 1 lb. Heart, stomach, bladder, brain and everything seem to be in perfect working order. The heart is about the size of a quarter at this point. He is still very much a boy.

Personally I am doing great, I got the go ahead to take my Flonase for my allergies and I am pretty much always hungry. I get a bit winded if I run up the stairs. It does turn out that I have a fibroid that is attached to my uterus. It is up high and probably has always been there. I guess if there was more of them then it would be cause for concern that they would be taking blood and other things away from the placenta. So the baby would get less blood and good things it needs. Just one doesn't sound like a big deal. I go back in 6 weeks for one more ultrasound to check to make sure it is not growing.

We got todays ultrasound on VHS but we don't own a VHS player. So we might need to find a way to transfer it to be digital. Seems strange this high tech ultrasound machine that can measure and view all parts of a baby can only make VHS tapes. This logic is beyond me.

I am getting larger every day. Have to say I will be pretty big by the end of this. I have gained about 10-11 lbs so far and still have 17-22 weeks to go. The pounds have started to accumulate faster in the past couple weeks.

That is it for the BC update.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Our first ultrasound was on Monday. It was pretty amazing to get the view of your growing child. He was 4" long but what is absolutely mind blowing is that he is a mini version of us. All these tiny fingers, toes, ribs, legs, spine, and heart that you can see through the eyes of ultrasound. Those ultrasound doctors are some else, how quickly they can focus in on the little body parts is astounding.

Of course the next thing you need is a view of our boy. I personally have found ultrasounds hard to visualize, but when it is your own it is much easier. Must be the context of having 20 minutes of watching your own boy move around? Here they are ...