Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Well this Thanksgiving I will be eating turkey and cranberry sauce. I can hardly wait. I have learned to tug at moms leg all day. Mom thinks it is because I am sick or maybe teething. Mom took me to the doctor last week. They did blood test to look for iron. And I got two shots. I have to go back in 30 days for another booster of the flu shot. I am just glad we don't have to do another blood test. I am not into someone holding me down. I am only 23lbs and 32inches. Doctor says I am on target with development. Right now my favorite word is "bye". I say bye to things that I step on, balloons that I hide, cars that go by and even the people at the grocery store. My favorite sign is banana, I do believe that it means give me that food (not just bananas) you have or I will start crying. I have started to have fits too. This way mom will sometimes give me back the item she has taken from me. I have also decided that I will nap at random during the day. Some days I want to nap at 9:00 and others not until 11. I hope this is driving mom crazy.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nathan turns 15 months

Nathan, how does it feel to be 15 months?

"Well, dad, I can certainly walk steadily. Really, I can almost run. I know much more than I did last month. I have learned a number of animal sounds -- dogs, cats, cows, bears, lions. I know where outside is and I love it there! Why can I not spend all day there? I've got some new words: 'there it is', 'down', 'outside'. I like the song ring-around-the-rosie because I love to all fall down. I also like to play with Zoe, she is so much fun and we can get really silly together when we are both tired. What do I do for fun? Every Monday, I go to Toddler Group and learn more things with a little playing here and there. Another thing that is fun is music. When I hear music I've got to sway and dance! For next month? Who knows, maybe I'll start learning Latin."

Monday, November 03, 2008

Paul's Bicycle Commute (Kenmore to Bellevue)

A world of technology opportunities enables a mobile phone (iPhone) with GPS capabilities to sit in my back pack and track my ride to and from work on a rainy Nov. 3, 2008. The wonders never cease.

From the site MapMyRide, it all gets overlayed on a Google map for you to see.

Christmas lamb

We bought our 1/2 of lamb today.

Brian wrote up the steps that we take to make it:
at this link