Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nathan turns 15 months

Nathan, how does it feel to be 15 months?

"Well, dad, I can certainly walk steadily. Really, I can almost run. I know much more than I did last month. I have learned a number of animal sounds -- dogs, cats, cows, bears, lions. I know where outside is and I love it there! Why can I not spend all day there? I've got some new words: 'there it is', 'down', 'outside'. I like the song ring-around-the-rosie because I love to all fall down. I also like to play with Zoe, she is so much fun and we can get really silly together when we are both tired. What do I do for fun? Every Monday, I go to Toddler Group and learn more things with a little playing here and there. Another thing that is fun is music. When I hear music I've got to sway and dance! For next month? Who knows, maybe I'll start learning Latin."

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