Friday, September 28, 2007

Week 8

Mommy went to the dentist and had a good checkup. She doesn't have to go back until March. While mom was out I went to Nana's and Papa's. I had the best nap at Nana's and Papa's she might need to leave me there everyday. Nana even made cookies that I couldn't have but boy they smelled great. Right now mom is typing for me as I am talking up a storm in my crib.
This week I am starting to copy mom. I can say "ohhhhh" and "ahhhhh" so well. I am even better at holding my head. I actually like alone time where I can just look at the pictures or play gym.
Most of the time I am happy during the day and fussy before bed. Just like to keep mom and dad up. I still only like to sleep 2 or 3 hours at a time. Sometimes I like to wake mom up every 1.5 hours. I really just get so hungry and lonely in my crib. Check out my pictures. Mom didn't get to take as many because she forgot the camera at Nana's house.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Week 7 - II

To satisfy your sense of hearing. This is what Nathan often sounds like while awake. Laura's idea of course!

Paul & Laura

Friday, September 21, 2007

Week 7

Week 7 is over, few. Great to have some extra hands on the weekend. The fridge is now working, we think. The guy couldn't tell me if the timer was broken or not but he showed me how to fix it if it is indeed broken. Aunt Karen and Uncle Ian had us down for a mid afternoon lunch where we dinned on Turkey burgers that were quite yummy. Karen also made cupcakes for the Septembers birthdays. Nathan and I attended our parent child class and did a long walk to the library. Mom had us over for dinner due to the fridge being out. Let see updates on Nathan. He went for his longest time between feedings, 4 hours, the only problem with that is he was up until 1am with Dad. Paul and I have decided Nathan is most happy on his changing table. That is the place that he "talks" the most.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Week 6

Well this week was very busy. Paul and I had our 3 year anniversary. We celebrated by getting some Mexican take out and taking it to log boom park and eating it by the water. Nathan missed it all as he was sleeping in his car seat. I had my postpartum check up. Nathan missed that too. He was sleeping in his car seat. Friday was my birthday and we dropped Nathan off at the grandparents place. We hit the BluWater Bistro in Kirkland for a wonderful dinner. I had Macidamia nut crusted Mahi stuffed with shrimp and crab. For dessert we shared fondue. So Nathan missed that too but he was awake at my parents. He did great with out mommy around.

Nathan is still growing, my guess is he is almost 12lbs now. We will find out on Monday when he goes in for his checkup. He is fitting in his 3-6 month clothes now and has out grown a bunch of his newborn sizes. Nathan is starting to watch everything around him. He is very fond of black and white objects. His grunts are turning into coo'ing sounds now and he can hold his head pretty well on his own. Last night he slept for a record 3.5 hours in a row. Followed by some not so great sleep. Well the goal of keeping Nathan alive for another week was successful. On to next week.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Week 5

Week 5 was a busy with a long weekend visit to Laura's parent's cabin. Nathan's first overnight out of this home since he came home.

Following that it was a bit too much activity with a couple of related problems with our fridge. Having things thaw when you don't want them to is no fun.

Nathan is keeping up with a 2 hour sleeping pattern in the nights. He has a significant number of smiles, mostly in the morning. He is fussiest in the evening. Laura heard him say: ahh.

Mommy and Daddy are sleepy, ZZzzz. Goodnight.