Friday, September 21, 2007

Week 7

Week 7 is over, few. Great to have some extra hands on the weekend. The fridge is now working, we think. The guy couldn't tell me if the timer was broken or not but he showed me how to fix it if it is indeed broken. Aunt Karen and Uncle Ian had us down for a mid afternoon lunch where we dinned on Turkey burgers that were quite yummy. Karen also made cupcakes for the Septembers birthdays. Nathan and I attended our parent child class and did a long walk to the library. Mom had us over for dinner due to the fridge being out. Let see updates on Nathan. He went for his longest time between feedings, 4 hours, the only problem with that is he was up until 1am with Dad. Paul and I have decided Nathan is most happy on his changing table. That is the place that he "talks" the most.

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Anonymous said...

Hello its Aunt Lynda - Love the pictures!!! When are you going to send me one for my house. Hope all is well at home - Call anytime - Hope 2 see you and baby soon - Love ya:)