Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Due the Brightwater project, the road that provides access to our cul-de-sac has been in a state of deconstruction.

One thing to note, is the precision of when things will get back to normal. Check out the sign that is posted in front of the construction, they are accurate to the hour. They have 7 days and 21.5 hours to finish up.

Friday, June 08, 2007

BC - 31Weeks 6 Days

Things are going well at the Cooley house. BC is growing way too fast and has started to sit on my bladder and kick my ribs. I think he is doing the splits or some new dance in there. I have a hard time believing that my stomach is going to be able to stretch anymore. I have started my every 2 week checkups. So far we are both doing well. Notably that BC is moving lots, my blood pressure has only gone up a bit and I don’t think I have gained too much. 22 or 23 pounds so far and I have 8 weeks to go. Doctor said the baby will be here by the Aug 9th if I would like. So if he is not here by the 4th we will induce on the 8th or 9th. 8/8/07 would be a good birthday. In fact so would 8/9/07. So far he is the perfect baby, no crying, no dirty diapers and fun to play with. I might start to miss that soon.

Two very giving coworkers are hosting a co-ed baby shower at our house on the June 23rd. Feel free to come if you know where we live. I can’t wait to see all our friends and relatives and I am happy to know a few are traveling down from Canada for the event.

To do:

Buy and Install CarSeat
Make at least 3 dishes for freezer
Get a used 4-door car (maybe)
Have baby shower
Attend Labor and Deliver Class
Thank you cards for shower
Address list printed for announcements
Phone list for hospital
Do work FMLA Paperwork
Wash baby clothes
Shop for supplies for baby
Pack bag Daddy
Pack bag Baby
Pack Bag Mommy
Have baby

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Cathy's Wedding (Where)

This is the Map of where Paul and Laura traveled while in Alberta in May 2007. Of course the purpose of being in Alberta was to get to Cathy's Wedding in Kananaskis, AB.

A link to the Google Map showing Kananaskis, AB

Our GPS tracks while in Alberta:

Link to this Map: Trip To Cathy's Wedding