Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Week 25

Another wonderful week at the Cooley home; albeit a busy one. It was chilly outside in Kenmore for the week, but there was some rare Sunshine.

Nathan started rolling over by himself. The parents encouragement maybe got through to him finally? However, more likely he just felt like figuring it out.

One thing about Nathan that seems fairly unique is he leg/feet drumming. Most days he spends part of the day drumming the floor with his feet. He can really go at it at times, I suspect it is he daily exercise routine.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Week 24

Things are falling behind here. This week's post was delayed for another bout of Paul getting ill. He'll need to remember to avoid being sick more often. Nathan got to see more of his dad, but sadly had to stay away -- to avoid to spreading the germs around much.

Mom and dad enjoy entertaining Nathan with jokes, gestures, and funny sounds. Nathan currently doesn't require a subtle punchline and careful setup for a joke. He is happy with a head bob and an explanation on how to say 'Zed' in the USA. Blowing on his stomach can also work. On and off he'll laugh at bouncing or swinging around but each day it is different.

He also spends time talking to some of his toys. Hard to say whether he is asking them where they've been and how they are doing or whether he is telling them not to leave without his permission. He can spend a pretty good amount of time focused in on the toy, inspecting it and talking to it.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Win some but not all of them.

Well it was an exciting game to start off. Nathan was excited and then he did the sign for touchdown.

Then he notice a bad call and started to toss his pacifier around.

During half time we did some cheers to motivate the Seahawks.

We were losing in the 4th quarter and he was so mad he started to yell at the TV.

In the end he knew the season was over.

Go Seahawks! Beat Packers!

Week 23

We have a little screamer on our hands. Nathan and Laura went to their first yoga class. About 15 mom plus baby combos were there. The whole class was quiet doing our breathing exercises but Nathan screaming just to hear his voice. The instructor even tried to put the pacifier in. No such luck.

Nathan is getting pretty good at sitting. He still is pretty tippy and you have to be careful because he will randomly straighten out but he can sit on his own for a few mins. He can also be pulled into a standing position with him holding your hands.

Nathan is still eating twice in a night. He isn't too excited about eating but he does love to suck on ice. Also a cube of ice will keep him entertained during dinner.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Week 22

Wow, another fun filled week with Family. Grandma and Grandpa Cooley can down to have Christmas with us over the New Year break. Yeah. Nathan got to hang out with them for several days. He sure liked that.

Plus there was a trip to Pike's Place Market and a trip to the Bellevue Botanical Gardens.

It was also a short week of work of Paul.

Nathan spent a little of his time sucking his toes. He also likes it when his parents laugh, that is pretty entertaining. Nathan also placing everything he can move into his mouth.