Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Day 3 Travel day Tuesday March 30

Yesterday the kids did school most of the day and Paul worked from the truck.  The weather was chilly but not raining.  After dinner we went into Eugene and got some donuts,  drove around U of Oregon.  Then we played a bit of Battle Sheep.

This morning the kids started their zooms and we packed up to head to an pull through over night in Redding.  We stopped to get Alex some headphones that he didn't pack and got a few other things.  Alex attended ELA from the travel trailer while we shopped.  I found these awesome pens that I wanted to buy for every classroom but I didn't.

We made it to California!

Monday, March 29, 2021

Day 2 Eugene,Or


Zooms have started and the connections are unstable but everyone got into their morning meetings.  

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Day 1 RoadsChOOLEY

 Well after a week of packing, prepping, wondering and freaking out we have hit the road.  We have been on the road for exactly 30 minutes.  

First off there are 4 of us.  Paul (40 something), Laura (40 something plus 2), Nathan (13), Alex (11), Kona and Comix the cat twins (14).  We love our public school and they have been told to go back to in person but still gave families the opportunity to stay remote.   Paul and I have always wanted to do a longer than 3 weeks.  Since all our sports and obligations have disappeared since Covid we decided to pack up and leave in February... but wait it is end of March.  Well I (Laura) have had various serious health issues these past two years but thought we had gotten past them.  Then I thought yoga would be a good idea and a rib slipped out and I needed more time to see my PT. Well most is well despite acute  joint and muscle pain pain, time to take of advantage of the short 18 years we get with our kids. 

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Road Schooling - Travel Trailer Trip 2021

  Packing week, covid shot and getting out of town. Kids will be staying with their current remote school zoom classes.  

Points A, B, C and D are set in stone.   Hoping to get to Joshua Tree as fast as we can.