Wednesday, April 30, 2014


The excavator show up.  Looking for the sewer pipe and geotechnical is getting done!  Tonight we will know if we can do this.  

Friday, April 11, 2014

I knew it would be frustrating....

and it is frustrating.

The video guy could not find a place to enter the sewer from so we didn't get a view of the sewer line.  Mike our contractor has a excavator guy to come out to dig down to find the pipe so that a video line can be done.  I will find out the price per hour tonight after he takes a look at what machine he will need to bring.  If he hits the pipe we will pay for 50% of the fix.  A cherry blossom tree might have to come out, they will do their best not to kill it.  I believe the tree is on the lake side property.

We will need to extend the feasibility for 45 days.  During this time we hope too:
  • Find sewer, make sure the line is working after 34 years and find a solution for storm water.
  • Get Geotech done so we can get a bid on the price of foundation.  
  • Get survey done with topography.
  • Start environmental initial study.
If we find the sewer line is not there or unusable we will get a bid for putting one in.

If things go well we will start the process to get building permits.  House plans are nearly finished, just need an elevation to be completed and approved.