Monday, June 21, 2010

Laura's Favorites #12 - Amusement Park Rides

I am putting this one on my list not because it is gets priority when we take vacations but just because I enjoy going on the rides.  In high school I love any rides that didn't go upside down.  Then I did my first upside down ride at the Seattle Center Fun Forest and I was hooked.  Something about the anticipation about waiting for the thrill to happen is great.  Paul and I were at Six Flags near San Fransisco before kids and were in the super short line waiting for V2. We watched it go a few times and found my self just waiting for Paul to back out.  I mean this thing was taking off at a super speed.  In the end I was so glad we went because this is one moment that I have had with Paul that I will never forget.

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Unknown said...

Space Mountain at Disney World was my favorite as a kid. As an adult it is surprising how not-dark it is in there!