Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Laura's Favorites #3 - Technology

There was a reason I got my computer science degree. I grew up loving computers that my dad brought home. My first memory was before I was in 4th grade and my dad brought home a acoustic coupler modem where you stuck the handset of the phone in to the modem so it could listen to the computer and talk to computers at my dads office. Wow that was amazing to me as a little kid. I was programing my own Mad Libs application in junior high in basic and drawing CAD drawings of cars in very early versions of CAD. I could print them on my dads massive printer that we had at the house. I have fond memories of the Apple IIes at school and remember begging my dad for one. He put his foot down and said we were not getting that kind of hardware at our house. We got Prodigy soon after it came out,  loved to post on the BBs and I had a email address. The computer commons at UW was amazing to me. We were underground in a dark room with UNIX. Geek heaven. Moving to current day I have no desire to program anymore just use all the amazing things that people are create. I can hardly pick just one thing that I enjoy the most.

Hardware favorites: Laptop, iphone, squeezebox, GPS, digital SLR Camera, DVR computer with MythTV on it.
Software favorites: Photoshop, Firefox, Word, any spell checker, iphone applications.
Websites favorites: Facebook, Google, Goolge reader (for my 100 blogs that I like to read), Gmail, Shutterfly (for perfect photobooks), Hulu, mommy message board, and blogs of all kinds.

That is me in 2002.

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