Monday, June 21, 2010

Laura's Favorites #14 - Mommy friends

The hospital parent/baby class that I took at Evergreen for the first year of Nathan's life is proving to be way better than I could have ever hopped it could be.  Not only did get the support I really needed when I started my new life as a mom but Nathan & I gained a boat load of good friends.  Amazing mommy friends: that are super busy with their life but made us family meals when Alex was born.  that motivate me to run.   that will listen to you talk about potty training or what a bad night you had.  that have wonderful children that Nathan likes to hang out with.  that make a summer playdate schedule so that we at least get out of the house once a week.  that want to hang out together once a month so we can talk/drink without our children around.  I am pretty sure I would be in counseling or a padded room if they were not around.

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Unknown said...

We would all be in a padded room, though right now I would settle for a padded bed....mmmm bed.