Saturday, June 19, 2010

Laura's Favorites #9 - Library

Free books and DVDs delivered to you local library.  Really what could be better than that? Did you know you can have 25 hold requests just sitting there.  I love technology... see favorite #3.  Nathan, Alex and I make a trip there 2-4 times a month for new stories for bed time and I usually have a parenting, novel or DVD to pick up.  I love how excited Nathan gets when I find a book about a train or a bulldozer.  Nathan sometimes has a hard time returning the books but that ends when we get to drop it in the huge book return that is outside.  Alex is just learning the joys of taking many books off the shelf and the power cords by the computers there.  Our library has a camera on a heron nest so we are also take the time to see how the babies are doing.  I also get to read  a few pages of a current cooking magazine while I am there.  I often will photo copy a page to take home for a new dinner idea.  Double bonus Kenmore just had a ground breaking for a new fancy pants library.  No more triple wide trailer for us.  We are moving up in the world.

Pictures was during the December power outage of 2006.  I was pregnant and had morning sickness with Nathan.  We were staying downtown at The Vintage due to our house being a chilly 42 degrees.   We had an amazing view of the Seattle public library.  Best thing about it was IBM paid for 3 nights in the hotel and we got to bring our kittens.

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DRC said...

I also love the library. My favorite description of the Seattle Public is that it looks like a "spider web wearing a girdle." Awesome :-)