Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Laura's Favorites #4 - The Cabin

In 1976 my parents decided that they wanted a lake place.  They bought an old shack on Lake Cavanaugh.  Nearly every weekend of every summer from when I was 2 until a teenager was spent at the cabin.  BBQ, water-skiing, riding around the lake on bikes, ice-skating on the frozen lake, the out house, running cold water, baths in the lake, making mud cookies in the sand, rainy 4th of Julys, walking to the store for a candy bar, trips to town to go shopping with my mom and swimming for hours on end in the rain or sun.  Most of my childhood memories were made there.  I went away for University and came back to an amazing summer home.  I still call the place "the cabin"... it is the same view that I loved growing up.

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