Thursday, June 17, 2010

Laura's Favorites #8 - Costco

I know, I know I am sad to admit it I love Costco (but then again I also hate it).  Free samples, cheep gas, good seafood, meat, nuts, cheese and the Kirkland brand. I can fit both kids in the cart and still buy a ton of food.  Want a whole fresh salmon?  yep they have that.  Huge 5lb bag of clams... yep they have that too.  Wine, ok I will have some of that.  Huge block of cheese that you would only get a 1/4 lb at QFC for the same price.  I enjoy the organic spinach and the huge things of sweet peppers.  Summer brings huge baskets of berries.  Need a cute Carters out fit for the kids.. yep you can get one there too.  Vacations where we have a kitchen... Costco is one of the first stops we make.  I haven't made too many bad purchases at Costco... but if you don't like something they will take it back with no questions asked.   Don't forget the huge piece of pizza for lunch.


Stacey said...

and the hot dogs! Plus we can spend 20 minutes watching them make those huge slices of pizza.

Laura said...

I will let Calder have the hot dogs. Not a huge fan here.