Saturday, October 27, 2007

Week 12

Wow time is flying by. Nathan and I did our last 0-3month class this week and we are moving up to the 3-6 month class. Should be fun because most of the moms that I know are now in that class.
This week Nathan became a champion hand sucker. He can suck his thumb too but he is not quite as good at that yet. I am completely fascinated by this for some reason. You can see him think about it and then move his hand. Wow so smart I think to myself. So far he does not seem to favor one hand over the other. At first I thought it was all right handed sucking but now it seems to be more left handed. My parents are hoping for a left handed child. My mom because she is left handed, my dad because he would be a more valuable baseball pitcher. I just want him to be able to use the right handed scissors in school.
This week I was also thinking to myself that he is generally happier, less fussing and crying. Well it figures on Friday I was at my wits end by 5pm. He didn't take any significant naps and was so crabby all day. He did have another 5 hour sleep last night so that made up for the long day.
Last weekend we visited the fruit market by our house and got a couple of pumpkins. I did a product focus group this week for a bottle/pump company. They have some neat product ideas that I can't share. Nathan and I also went to a playgroup in Redmond.
Next weekend we get to visit with the Jason and Kirsten at my parents cabin.

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