Saturday, October 20, 2007

Week 11

This week was filled with a storm and power outage, an installation of a new freezer, helping mom and dad put in some shelves, and plenty of more smiles.

By Laura Just wanted to add a few things. Nathan is getting over his love of black and white objects and is starting to like colors. He is tasting his stuffed dog a lot and has started to grab objects and bring the towards his mouth to lick. Nathan has had one more 5 hour stretch of sleep this week. He has also decided that he likes to be held outwards so he can see the world. Swinging is also lots of fun in his swing. Eating has been a challenge for the past few weeks. He gets so unhappy if he has to burp or if the milk isn't flowing fast. Other than that he has been sleeping more and is generally much happier during the day. Bed time is getting earlier.

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