Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Did the stars align?

Did the stars align? Was there a full moon? Did someone cast a spell on my little bundle of joy? Write this down in the records books... Are you ready for my big news. Nathan slept for 5 Hours in a row.... Did you get that... 5 Hours in a row. It could even be 5.5 hours because I didn't count the light sleep that he got when he was still making noise in his crib. So after he woke up ate he slept for another 3. 5 hours in a row. This is short of a small miracle for mom. Just so you know he broke his record of 4 hours. Mom only got 4 hours of sleep in a row but that is because Nathan went down around 9pm. The downside to all this sleep is Nathan wakes up as a hungry little screaming monster that is unrecognizable as my sweet little son. I will take sleep over a happy baby at 2am.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the stars aligned on the nursery walls helped... So cute!!