Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Week 28

Ok ok we are getting later and later at posting our weekly update. Sorry to our fans... well Nathans fans anyway.

Last week Nathan started at the University of Washington. He is the youngest person to ever attend school there... Ok he isn't attending school, he is a lab rat.. hmm maybe that is a bit harsh. Lets call him another data point in a large infant hearing study. They are trying to find the shortest they can make a sound in different ranges that infants can hear. I don't think they got any information from him until today. They said they got a couple of data points covered. So I am glad our 3 visits to the University were worth it. The study looks something like a game to Nathan. They put a speaker in his ear and play a constant static sound, then change it. If he reacts to the sound change they give him a visual reward (turn on a DVD). They do this over and over and look for a reaction. Today was our 3rd and last visit. He got a t-shirt for attending, mom got free entertainment and some gas money.

If Nathan had not mastered sitting the week prior he has mastered it now, there still is an occasional mishap. Nathan has also mastered screams of joy. He was having a great time screaming at the hearing study today.

Well I will try to get some pictures up from last week later today. Nathan is up from his nap.

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