Friday, February 08, 2008

Week 27 - 6 Months old on the Calendar

I can hardly believe that 6 months have past since the birth of our son. Boy has time gone by fast. Nathan is growing very quickly. This week he has mastered sitting, well he has his moments when he forgets and goes flying back, but for the most part I am calling it mastered. He can sit at the barn that his cousin gave him for a good 15-20 mins without tipping over. Today at playgroup he was sitting and just watching all the other babies do other baby things. Another record was set, 6 days without a dirty diaper. Too much information?? Well these are things parents talk about.

Everyone seems to be interested in how babies sleep. Nathan is still practicing his sleep. This week he has averaged getting up twice a night. Bed at 7pm and up around 1am and 4am. He has absolutely no nap schedule. Most days he has 15-20 minutes naps about 3 or 4 times a day. Today he had a record 1 hour nap in the morning and a 15 minute nap during playgroup. Lets hope this trend continues.

Mom Report - I am doing well, my back is getting better. It has been 2 weeks since I last went to the physical therapist for some adjustments on my back. I have also lost all of my pregnancy weight plus an additional 4 pounds. I give 100% credit to Nathan for all the weight loss. I don't think I was ever this active in my old life. On the down side none of my new pants fit, they are too big.

Dad Report - Dad is still working hard and seems to have recovered from all illnesses. He is back in the swing of things, 4 days this week he biked into work. I think he is getting ready for a bike race in 2 weeks, "The Chilly Hilly". 33 miles, 2600 feet elevation gain.

Everyone have a good weekend. Nathan sends his smiles.

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