Saturday, February 02, 2008

Week 26

For the last couple of posts we've been getting tardy. Observation of the week: Time really flies when you have a child. No body warned me strongly enough about that. Wow, week 26, that sounds like half a year to me.

This last week was really great. We went to Nathan's Grandparents cabin for the weekend, met Jason, Kirstin, Ruthie, and Celia. To make it even better there was snow and ice to keep us entertained. The lake was frozen which provided a picturesque backdrop for a weekend of catching up, scrap booking, xbox playing, eating, and general fun.

Memories include: Jason stepping thru the ice, pushing our cars up the snowy driveway, A chilly cabin to start with, lots of tasty food -- mmm chicken ole, mmmm chicken lasanga, a frozen lake, a frozen lake after a snow fall, talking about Jason and Kirstin about their new townhouse!

Nathan has certainly slept better in the past. He sometimes got up with only 1.5 hour spaced between the last time he was up. Mom and dad are trying everything they can think of to help Nathan sleep better; more clothes, less clothes, softer sheet, warmer house, ...

Nathan seemed to really have fun at the cabin. The new space keeps him entertained. He got along well up in the loft with Jason and Paul and the xbox. We all played games. However, Nathan was more interested in the controller cable than the game.

Additionally, Nathan is now the roll-over champ. This is a good thing, but it also is strikes me that we will one day long for the days of the less mobile Nathan ;)

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