Friday, December 14, 2007

Week 19

Saturday - Family was getting over colds. Nathan continues to recover from shots of last week.
Sunday - Walk at the botanical garden to view the spectacular lights.
Monday - Swimming
Tuesday - Parent Baby Class. Diagnosis for Laura's sore middle back (since labor); prognosis 'popped-out-rib'. Solution: Physical Therapist returned it to correct location. Currently hurts worse than before, but is healing.
Wednesday - Make cookies for cookie exchange group. Lunch at Molbacks with Laura and Zoe. Up twice in the night.
Thursday - Lunch with the old work crowd and shopping at Bellevue Square. Great sleep night from 7pm until 3:30am. Paul is finally over his cold.
Friday - Cookie exchange group at our house.

Mom is ready for the weekend!!

Plus a couple just in from the week before:

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