Sunday, December 09, 2007

Week 18

The week started out good with a dusting of snow and just went down hill from there. First was all the flooding in the area. Swamp Creek went turned into a wild river flooding many of our neighbors homes. It was very hard to leave the house on Monday and we braved the storm so we wouldn't miss our swimming lessons. Then the family got hit by a cold bug. Nathan and I took a trip to the doctor, him for his 4 month checkup and me for my back. Nathan is growing I was thinking he was going to be 16lbs but he only ended up being 15lbs 6oz. He is now in the 50th percentile for weight and 75-95th percentile for height at 26 inches. He is doing most everything a 4 month old should be doing. He got 4 shots, yes I said FOUR. I have to say our nurse is so quick it probably was done in less than 20 seconds. I start physical therapy next week for my back, she seems to think I have some nerve damage in my back.
We had some visitors from Canada for dinner during the week. Shawn and Julie got Nathan a Cars dish set that will be fun to use once he starts solids.
Nathan has pretty much grown out of most of his 3-6month clothes at this point he is wearing the 6-12 month stuff. Mom needs to do some shopping or he will be sporting the bare look this winter.
I know 2 weeks ago I said Nathan would be rolling over by now but no he still is stuck on his back or front. He is very good with his hand to mouth coordination. He will hold on to his fish teether for a really long time. He isn't wanting his plug, sucker, soother, mute button, pacifier much these days, instead he likes to scream when you put him in his crib for bed. I am hopping it is just the cold/shots that has made him into this grumpy child.

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