Friday, August 31, 2007

Week 4

Nathan, Paul and I are having a great time. Nathan is growing. He is now popping the snaps out on a couple of his onesies. He has to be the smartest baby I know. He can smile.

He still is not sleeping for long stretches. His record is 3 hours but normally it is more like 2 hours and 20 mins. I have started to go to a Parent/Child class on Tuesdays. It was quite fun last week and plan on going weekly. 20 babies in one room that are 0-3 months. It gives you a chance to ask questions. Today we went to Costco and had a nice trip to visit Paul at work. Tonight we are going out to dinner.

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Anonymous said...

Hello there. My sister told me that she came across another Paul Cooley and Laura Hunt on the internet. It's kind of weird, but the internet is a big enough place that it was bound to happen. Laura and I live in Santa Fe, NM. We've been married for about twelve years and have two kids, Sadie and Zebediah.

Sadie, when she was an infant, never, ever, ever slept. We were worn down to a frazzle. We tried to have a family bed at first, and Laura would nurse Sadie to sleep, but she would wake up and cry every time she tried to put her down. I would take her around one in the morning, and she would scream for another two hours no matter what I did. THEN, on top of all that, she wouldn't sleep in the daytime on any sort of regular basis. I quit teaching high school to be the at-home-parent, thinking that I was going to write while my children napped. Didn't happen. I'd put her down for a nap and she would be awake in ten minutes. Only now, with both of them in school, am I starting to get work done.

Judging from your stories of Nathan, it sounds like Paul and I might be related. We have a genealogy up on We can trace our Cooley branch back through Missouri, Arkansas, and Tennessee to James A. Cooley, who fought in the American revolution. He came from Charles City, VA, born in 1758 I believe, but there's no records further back. He was buried in the Cooley cemetery in Humphreys TN.

Laura's father's family came out of New Hampshire. Her father was Stanley Hunt, his was Stanley Hunt Sr., and that's as far as we have gotten there. (Her mother's side was descended from Mayflower arrivees who stayed in the Boston area).

Well, I just wanted to say hello to the other set of Paul and Laura Cooley. Good luck with Nathan. He looks like a wonderful baby. Our children are 6 and 8 years old now, and yes, it does get easier, though it's hard to believe people when they tell you that.

There's some pictures of us on our blog: