Sunday, August 26, 2007

Week 3

Of what will be 1 of hundreds of graduations, Nathan will hit his very first graduation soon -- He will graduate from the pampers 'N' size into the '1' size. That is as soon as he goes through the remaining 12 diapers, probably the next hour...

Nathan is tipping the scales at almost 10 pounds (as of 30 minutes ago). He is eating up a storm. Constantly keeping Laura busy. Laura is doing amazing work and I think Nathan is really starting to appreciate it.

It was this week that Paul went back to work and tapping his nose to the grindstone. However, he is well aware that it is more work to be at home. He spends some time at work hoping that Laura and Nathan are getting enough rest and there aren't too many explosive diapers during the day.

With a little planning and determination we made it to church this morning. However, there wasn't that much listening to the message for Laura as in that 30 minutes Nathan wanted to eat and managed to make 2 dirty diapers while taking in food. Paul was apprehensive to go/look into the nursing room, out of respect for the other nursing mother and felt bad Laura got the short end of that stick. Next time I guess I have to nurse? :O

Observations: Nathan is more alert and aware of the world around him, there are some happy/relaxed times with Nathan, and he appears to recognize some faces and voices


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