Thursday, August 09, 2007

Week 1

This is a glimpse into the Cooley house during Nathan's first week.

With the exception of bouts of struggling to calm a crying and fussy baby all is going well. Laura has the bulk of the work and she is of course doing an amazing job as I knew she would. I am attempting to serve her, give her some alone time, and allow her to sleep as much as possible.

Grandma and Grandpa Cooley have gotten to see Nathan via a couple of Web conferences. They will be able to see him in person early next week. Grandma and Grandpa Tellevik have been by several times to observe Nathan in his 'sleep' state so they haven't yet seen his eyes. Aunt Karen and Uncle Ian have been by to see Nathan as well. Indeed he is being welcomed into the family and the Cooley's are feeling the love and support on that front.

Our biggest adventure has been a trip to the Dr. for a checkup followed by a stop off at Target to compliment some of our existing supplies. This new mom and dad are figuring out what we 'really' need; aside from coffee (for Paul) that is. Our parental observation, leaving the house when you have a child is approximately 4 times as much work as before. Plus there is a nervousness around the next time the little "time-bomb" may go off - you can delay the fuse a bit with some soothing rocking, but it will still eventually burn down. :-)

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reid holmes said...

only 4x as long to get out of the house! you guys are going to have to teach us a thing or two in the fall.