Sunday, February 04, 2007

ill on the weekend

Twice in as many months I've had the misfortune to make it through the work week and wake up on Saturday ill. This last Saturday I woke up with a fever of 102. That said, it wasn't as bad as those fevers I recall having as a child. I had a couple of bad ones that really were uncomfortable. In fact they would either give me nightmares or lead me to a little sleep walking. The nightmare actually in retrospect was, well, weird -- Mundane even. It was basically of everywhere I turned things would turn gray. Not gray exactly, more like static. The more I looked the less there was to look it. That left an impression to this day, let me tell you. In fact I cannot remember a dream for more than 3 hours, but this little nightmare is going on 25 years. That said, it was my only known time in my past in which I've slept walked. To my knowledge. Maybe I do it all the time and end up back in bed, but I doubt it. However, it would be a good excuse for those missing socks, eaten deserts, extra pounds, and actually you name it. That is it, my excuse is now: I did it while I was sleep walking. Nah, not going to work.

Anyways that tangent completed, on to my being sick. My wife was extra kind and took care of me while I went from being too hot to too cold and back again. All with a little less patience and energy than normal. What a sweetheart she is. Kudos to her. Love that woman! And on top of all that she is pregnant and not feeling as energetic as before. I hope I didn't bring her a fever.

The other negative to this is it is basically a wasted weekend where nothing fun really happened and we didn't go anywhere. I wrecked it for the both of us. I'll need to remember to make up for that. Valentines day is around the corner isn't it?

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