Monday, January 22, 2007

We are pregnant.

Due date is August 4th. Not sure when people started to say "we are pregnant" but it happened at one point in history. Does that mean that Paul gets more credit for all the work my body is doing at this point? Well he should get credit because for the past 8 weeks he has been doing more work around the house, cleaning the litter box, more dishes, more grocery shopping, more cooking, and giving me more back rubs than normal. I have been having morning sickness that doesn’t happen until the afternoon. I have figured out how to manage it so business trips have been event free. There was about 4 weeks of figuring it all out. Laura’s rules of pregnancy:

1. Don’t take the prenatal vitamin even on a full stomach. (3 Flintstone vitamins are fine and have my daily supply of folic acid).

2. Don’t brush your teeth if you are feeling sick to your stomach. This is a sure fire way to get a kick start on morning sickness.

3. Eat every 2.5 hours even if you feel sick or not hungry or if nothing sounds good.

If these rules are followed then morning sickness seems to be avoided. Then that leaves me with fatigue. I spent week 6-9 taking 2 hour naps during the day and not sleeping at night. I have since cut out most naps and I am sleeping somewhat better at night.

I am able to put this in my blog now because my coworkers now know about my pregnancy. It is fun to see how different people react to my news. Women are excited and offer up free things like cribs. Men are worried about me. Sit here, how are you feeling, don’t listen to that pregnancy story, do you need something to drink. The advice has started and lots of questions. Do you crave anything? My answer includes, I hate brushing my teeth, I hate my prenatal vitamin and nothing ever sounds good to eat. I make my husband pick something and then I will eat it. Fruit is on my number one list of things to eat. Chocolate moved to the bottom of the list but is starting to sound good again.

On Friday I will start my second trimester. Everyone says this is the easiest one. I am happy for that. Right now I have ordered some maternity clothes on ebay. I got 2 pair of jeans. They are way too big all around, maybe they will work in the 9th month. I need to order the small size from now on. I guess for now I will do the elastic band trick in my jeans that are just a tad to tight. So far my dress pants still fit.

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Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That is awesome news! Woo hoo!!!

I cannot think of anything else to say - I am soooooooooooo excited for you two!!