Monday, February 19, 2007


Thanks be to blogs, instant communication, and the shrinking of the world we can share our pet stories at the drop of a cliche.

One such anecdote is about our little kitten Comox. It turns out he is defective. But I won't have you call him defective, I mean it in as loving way as possible. His poor little problem is that apparently he wasn't born with all his hairs attached to muscles, the muscles that allow a cat to stand all its hair up. He only has muscles to control a line of hair down his spine.

This means that when he becomes frightened he has a line of hair that stands up, a mohawk really. Or as we affectionately call it a Cohawk. It is a treat to see these days as it is a bit funny.

Now that I think of it, it probably isn't a defect. He probably has exacting control over each of his hairs and he decided to make a Cohawk?


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