Sunday, April 18, 2021

Spring break Days in Kanab

The drive from Vegas to Kanab, UT proved to be a super long day.  We thought the drive was supposed to be short so we spent the morning doing a quick morning walk on the Vegas strip.  

Then we made our way to Kanab Utah passing into Arizona, Utah, Arizona and then Utah again.

We wanted to take it a bit easier after that long day so on Monday we went to the Coral Pink Sand State park that was fairly close to our campground. 

Tuesday we were up for something a little more.  We headed to Bryce and did a Sunrise to Sunset hike.  

On the way home from Bryce I booked some tram tickets fir Zion.  Our plan was to scope out Zion and stay at the East entrance the following week so we could do some bike riding there.  Turns out all the camping there was full.  We had a wonderful day in Zion.  Did a 4 miles hike to the Emerald Pools.  I hope to be back to do Angles.  

Friday we took it easy and tried to fix our water pump. We did two short hikes to come caves and dinosaur tracks. 

I really wanted to do a sit canyon hike and stay out of the National parks on the weekend.  Paul found one that fit the Bill. Wire pass. 

Today is Sunday and spring break is over.  We made the short trip to Escalante for the week.  WiFi and cell here is amazing and the town is super cute.  We are close to so many places to see.  


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