Sunday, April 25, 2021

Days 22-29in Escalante


Think I have been calculating miles wrong.  So here is the updated miles from day 1 to now.

We got to our spot in Escalante pretty fast it isn’t far from Kanab.  It is pretty windy her so most of our meals were inside.

Kids had full school schedules Monday and Tuesday so we didn’t do too much.  Checked out the amazing town and rested from our busy week.  Watching the new Muppets show on Disney + a few night here.  Here is the schedules.  Alex has pretty easy days W-F being mostly asynchronous.  I was going to complain when I saw the new schedule but it is actually nice to have days without zooms all day.

Wednesday is asynchronous for Nathan and Alex.  One of them has a morning zoom.  Paul has been taking off a bit early from work on Wednesdays (he more than makes up this time during the week).   We try to do a smaller close to our site hike.  We found the perfect one at Escalante Natural Bridge.  Despite the trail saying your cross rivers and our personal scout Kristen, I didn’t understand/remember you would have to walk in the river.  The boys only have one pair of shoes and crocs so we ended up taking them on our backs to cross.  At 3:00 I mad tacos fir Alex, quesadillas fir Nathan and burritos for us so we could eat on the trial.  We did about 5 miles on this hike because we determined to stay out of the river.

Thursday the kids and I did a walk around town and I went to the visitor center to grab our stickers.  We had a quick dinner and went to the Petrified forest state park for a less than 2 mile moderate hike at sunset.  They say ther is millions of tons of petrified wood in this park.  I comes in amazing colors.  The cows all were very vocal at sunset.

Friday we went for the best pizza.

Saturday was Peek a Boo and Spooky Canyons.  A bit out of my comfort level but probably the best thing we have done thus far. 5.8 miles and it seemed really hot out. 

Sunday were are currently packing to head closer to Moab in Green River!

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