Monday, March 17, 2014


Picture on a rainy day.  Too bad some of the cherry blossom trees will have to go.
Here we are 5 days later.   We have been approved for our land loan. 

I believe I understand  all the setbacks requirements, easements, and where the sewer and water is located.

The only red flag at the moment is the erosion zone.  I think this won't be an issue as the guess at the moment is the slope of the lot is 32%.  At 40% you need a variance.  We are well under that.  Plus we are within 200ft of the lake so we will have environmental issues to overcome.  Don't want to mess with spawning salmon.

The one small issue is the lot is 70 feet wide (65ft at top and 75ft at bottom).  20ft easement for the property driveway in front of us and 10ft setback means a 40ft wide house.  Doable for sure but not ideal.

Builder meetings Tuesday and Thursday.

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