Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Building Dream Started

 For the past 10 year I have been searching for the perfect property.  I have had different requirements over the years but one thing I always wanted was some sort of view.   The definition of view has changed too.   For example, forest view or at least 30 feet between houses  became acceptable.  Every 6-10 months I would get excited about some property that came on the market and then have a sleepless night pretending to live in the new house at the new location.  Paul has been bombed at least weekly with land, home plans or houses that might be good.    He has been sent at night to go look at the location of a house or property.  He has listened to me talk about requirements for hours and has been so supportive of my obsessive dream.

Sooooo... Made an offer of some land yesterday, it has been accepted and we start the process tomorrow.

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Unknown said...

I am excited to follow every part of this adventure with you guys.