Saturday, January 28, 2012

Week 4 Day 22-29

 Ok this week I was not very good at taking pictures.  I have 2 pictures from the 27 due to the fact I took zero on the 26th.  All and all it was not a very exciting week at the Cooley house.  Back to the normal school week since the snow had melted.  We did swimming with the Cole kids on Tuesday and it is hard to take a picture of that and then on Thursday we just did a little shopping me and the kids.  I did cook some great meals with our 1/4 of grass fed beef.  I used the tenderloin steaks.  Then on Saturday we had some fun with the Jacksons at Gold Creek.  "No-shoeing, No-Balls and No-men"  According to Alex. 

Joke on the Jacksons.  They had to park outside for the night.  Sorry Heidi I heard you shoveling.  I thought Ken would do it.

Last minute dinner plans with friends at Zeek's.  Great place for kids!

Broccoli Beef stir fry served on shredded cabbage.  Made rice for the kids and hubby.


Maylee... the boys wouldn't even look at me for pictures.

Date night was a tour of happy hour in Kirkland.  First stop Trellis.  Pear Necessity martini and a whiskey.

Snow day with the Jacksons.  Gold Creek for some snow shoeing.

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