Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 3 Day 15-21

This week we had no school due to all the snow.  So we spent a good week of it at home.  We enjoyed having Paul working from home and had so much fun sledding on the drive way.  On Sunday we skipped church and played outside from 8am until 11am.  What  a great family week.  Happy the snow is melting and that we can go back to our regular schedule next week.  We hear that more arctic air is on the way here but will be enjoying the rain this week. 
Snowshoe in the drive way.

Forgot to take a picture so I snapped this at bed time.

Night time snow play

Alex wanted his snow ball back that I tossed before we went in.

Super man in underwear. 

Snow day activity... let us out of the house already!

Trip the the aquarium with the family, Paul snapped this cool pic.

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