Saturday, April 19, 2008

Week 37

Pulling up, he is pulling up. Pulling up on the couch, stairs and in his crib. This is leading to more falls and lots of tears during the day. He is getting better at not falling. Another thing his mastered this week is holding onto the baby gate with one hand while standing. All this pulling up caused us to lower the crib to the lowest setting... no wonder my back is killing me this week.

So Nathan has been teething for a month now... I have decided he might have just had his first cold. I wish he could talk and tell me what is going on. That would make parenting an infant easier.

Sleep is a topic moms like to talk about... so once again I want to document how it is going. Nathan is getting going to bed around 7:45 these days. Then he sometimes gets up at 11pm (this is the hardest on us), then he gets up between 2 and 3:30 if he got up at 11. If he didn't get up at 11 then he gets up closer to 1pm. Then he always wakes up around 4 or 5am. So we are down to getting up 2 or 3 times a night and he is only eating once in the night. Then for the first time this week, I put him in his crib for his morning nap and he lightly cried for about 40 mins and then laid down and when to sleep. I didn't have to nurse or rock him to sleep. Doesn't sound like much to the average human but this is huge for me.

Nathan is scheduled to have a MRI Sunday night. This is part of the study at Childrens hospital. He has to go in at bed time, go to sleep on the MRI table and then not move for 8 mins while they take images of his brain. They said the MRI machine makes some sound. Wish us luck. I have been told we get a report but I don't know if we get images. I hope I have some to post next week. How many parents get to see the inside of their babies brains and it is a good thing?? I feel very lucky to get to participate and help other children in the process.

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