Friday, April 04, 2008

Week 35 - 8 Months

Our little boy is getting bigger and stronger. He is on the move and I can hardly keep up. I set him down and he is off on a mission to find something to grab, hold, bite, chew, drool on, toss, tug, suck, kick, hit, drop, hit, bang, and so on. He is fun to watch and he loves his new found skill. This week latches went on some of the kitchen cabinet doors. He has a few he can open and pull stuff out if he wants. He has also started to pull up. Mom and dad were watching him pull up on the open dishwasher and then slip, boom... he is flat on his back and crying. I would call that his first real big spill. We all survived . Nathan is sleeping better, he has dropped his 11pm waking and is going a bit longer every night this week. Last night he slept from 8pm until 3:15am, better yet mom slept from 10pm until 3:15pm. It took me a few nights to get on his new schedule.

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