Monday, March 03, 2008

Week 31

Saturday - Looked for bike for Laura. Bought Laura a bike. Looked at 3 wheeled strollers as the one umbrella stroller is a bit short to push on long walks.

Sunday - Trip to Costco to find a bike helmet, unsuccessful but we still bought lots of other items. Dinner at the grandparents house. Nathan tried peaches and really liked them. Thanks Gramies.

Monday - Got new car seat and installed it in under 5 minutes. Wow those Britax are easy to install. Nathan looks pretty good in his new plush seat. I wish they made them for adults.

Tuesday - Mom whipped up teething biscuits, just because she wanted to make something. Not because Nathan is teething.

Wed - Not really sure I think I walked in a daze from a lack of sleep.

Thursday - Parent/Child Class. The topic of choice this week was breast cancer. Still a daze from no sleep. Went to bed at 7:30 with Nathan and had a great night of sleep.

Friday -Went for a walk with some moms. We think teething has begun but we think he is starting with his molars first? Only time will tell. We are doing ear pulling, drolling a bit more than normal and chewing on everything.

One thing that Nathan started to do a couple weeks ago is scream in delight at the cats. He hasn't figured out that they run away when he screams. Paul has also given Nathan a new nickname. "Bam Bam". Nathan is constantly hitting or slamming toys on the floor or counter. Nathan clearly understands the sign for milk these days. He gets very excited to see it when he is hungry. I hope he starts to use the sign soon. He also has a strange love for water. A cup or sippy cup will bring delight to his eyes (as long as it doesn't contain formula). Nathan rolls to get to everything these days. So I have started to baby proof the downstairs area. I need to be better at keeping my purse off the ground as he rolls over to it the moment I turn my back. No forward movement yet but he is working on it.

Lots of pictures this week, none of Paul. Need to work on that.

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