Sunday, March 02, 2008

Week 30

What a wonderful week to be the proud parents of Nathan. Nathan got to spend last Saturday morning with his father. Dad gave him a bath and took him to REI. Then Nathan went on to spend the afternoon with Gramies and Bestafar while mom and dad got to go roller blading and out to a sushi dinner.

Paul is a Chilly Hilly champ. Biking over 33 miles around a very hilly island with another 4338 other crazy people. Nathan and I headed over to play with Dylan and Ryan. They were very eager to let him hold pennies and nickels. Their mom was quick to point out that Nathan is a bit young for that.

Nathan had his 6 months photos done with week, too bad he is almost 7 months. Paul says we don't have to tell him he is 7 months in the pictures. :) I have to say they turned out great. I can't wait to share them with his fans.

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