Friday, November 09, 2007

Week 14

Nathan and I have been working on rolling over. He seems to enjoy being on his stomach too much to roll over these day. I don't believe he has rolled over since he was 2 months. Oh well so much for me thinking he was so advanced. Oh and our sleep anomaly was just that. He went back to a 3-4 hour wake up schedule last night. Speaking of sleep there are two ways of thinking about infant sleep. Ether they should be sleeping like an adult or a baby. Developmentally Nathan is not ready for long periods of sleep, he will get there with time. Plus Nathan is the talk of the moms, they are impressed how well he sleeps in class. He will fall a sleep while laying on the floor. They say the need to rock/hold their babies to fall asleep. One last random thought on sleep, Nathan has also started to take naps in his crib.
Let see.... what else is going on. Nathan has all kinds of new sounds. He seems to like to "talk" when he has his hands in his mouth. This week he has spent a great deal of time with his hands together in front of his face.

Additionally, we had a great weekend last weekend spent with Jason and Kirstin -- spent it at the Tellevik's cabin. They got to meet the little guy for the first time and it was obvious that everyone got along great and there was lots of love to share! We will have to do that again. Board Games, Scrapbooking, puppies, Xbox, and food galore.

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