Thursday, April 19, 2007


Our roads leading to our house have been consumed by people walking around in orange vests and large noisy machinery. This includes the house shaking during the day due to all the drilling/pounding they do. This has been going since January and will not end until early summer. They call the project the “Brightwater” project. They are putting in a main sewer line on a road leading to our house and the road now resembles something that looks like a war zone. On the plus side traffic on this road is local access only now. This is so much better during rush hour as people use the road as a way to get around traffic on 522. The down side is we can only leave and come from one direction at any given day. That and the sewer backed up into someone’s house a few weeks ago. That poor family.

King County's Website on Brightwater

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Paul Cooley said...

"Brightwater" could that be a euphemism?