Monday, April 09, 2007

BC the Hopper

BC had a great Easter. He was busy practicing his hopping around for next year when he will be free to crawl around. He has been moving more and more all weekend.

BC is now a star on a limited addition DVD. He is the feature of the documentary "Week 21 in the Womb" Filmed by the Internal Fetal Medicine of Evergreen hospital. Transferred to DVD and music added by film editor Paul Cooley. Some of my internal organs play a role in the film but they are only there for the support of the star.

I am 23 weeks and 2 days today. I have 117 days until my due date. I have gained about 13 lbs give or take. No major symptoms to complain about. I need to stop bending over after I eat. That is a bit unpleasant. On Friday it was over 70 degrees outside. It was so nice to sit in the sun for a bit. I need to get some shorts that fit because I feel silly wearing Paul’s shorts out of the house.

I have ordered some stuff for the nursery. An airplane mobile and some airplane posters that I will have framed. I hope they get here soon so I can start to pick out some paint and fabric for the nursery. Oh and I need a rocker/glider. Not sure on a color for that. I am thinking navy blue, white, yellow and a bit of red for the colors.

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