Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Travel Trailer trip spring 2021 Summary

Memories are forever.

77 days on the road.

4068 Miles or 6546 Kilometers from each spot

7098 total truck miles added to the new to us Blue Ram

1 broken water pump fixed

1 jackknife in gas station

1 near miss freeway accident 

1 trip to the clinic

4 covid vaccines in two different states

2 times we accidentally turned off the fridge

About 40 hikes

About 109 Miles Hiked

About 50 hours hiking 

18711 calories 

Plus we did some “walks”

1 point in time that we couldn’t find a spot to park for a week. 

14 RV sites

1 visit with this amazing person.

6 states

8 National Parks Joshula, Zion, Capital Reef, Arches, Canyonlands, Pinnacles, Redwoods 

Lots of State parks Green River State Park,  Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, Goblin Valley State Park, Lobbis State Park,  Escalante Petrified forest, Simpson Reef....

One National Monument Escalante. 

One biggest artichoke 

5 open swimming pools

3 slot canyons 

8+ natural arches 

100s of dishes washed by hand 

Hottest day 102 Palm Springs, CA

Coldest day  29 degrees Salem, OR or 32 in Escalante, UT

Alex's Best Memory Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park UT, the climbing tree in Green River (Moab) UT, Rock climbing in Joshua, pools, shortest car ride and cats projectile throw up in car.

Nathan's Best Memory the cats being with us and sleeping in my bunk and Redwoods hike.

Paul's Best Memory Sunsets in Arches and Joshua Tree.  Fun to be somewhere new each week

Laura's Best Memory The beauty of each park and being able to have all this extra time with the kids.  

Comox's Favorite stop - Green River and Castle Rock, birds in tree view from window

Kona's Favorite - Big adventure jumping out of the truck and going under travel trailer in Lincoln City and of course attending zoom school with Nathan on his bunk.

Raw unorganized data

March 28 36332

March 29 36646

March 30 36973. 327

March 31 37290 958

April 1st no travel

April 3 37751.   1105

Day 11 April 8 37974 1328 Kanab 

Day 13 April 10 38307

Day 15 April 12 38710

Day  21. April 18   Kanab - Escalate 

Day 28 April 25 Escalante - Green River (Moab) 39717

Day 42 May 9 41180  Green River 

Day 43 May 11 41464 mesquite 

Day May16 42073 Bakersfield 

May 23 42765 Salinas 

May 30 43477 Eureka 

June 6 43845 Coos Bay 

 June 12 44020 Lincoln City

June 13 44317 kenmore


jenessaliz said...

Beautiful brilliant trip and summary <3

jenessaliz said...

I'm so joyful and proud and inspired.