Tuesday, July 29, 2014


We were supposed to close today.  It was the sellers agents fault for not notifying title.  So maybe tomorrow?  Also I made a $5000 miss calculation that caused some panic but it seems that we should be ok.

The good news is if you didn't already know.  Eagles were removed from the endangered species list in August of 2007 and the fact that we are a touch more than 600 feet from the nesting tree means we can build all year round.  Way to go eagles for coming back!

Bad news there is a 10 foot area that is more than 40% grade and no permits we issued in the 80s to move the dirt... Blah blah blah means we need to be set back 25 feet from the slope.  So we need a lawyer to help us remove a private drainage easement on the other corner.  So we can shift the house back 10 feet.  That will also make us more than 200 feet from the lake, hence removing more regulations.  Now if can find a lawyer that will call me back.  I have called 3 and emailed one.

Hope we can find the happy place to set the house down in the coming month.

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