Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Week 6 Day 30 37

Photo before bed.  Kona Kitty

I tried to take a pic of the full moon, Paul did a better job with the tri-pod.

Trip to Ikea.  Alex will be getting a big boy bed soon.  He loved the purple.

They thought to do it off the counter.

What happens when I try to work out but not nearly as bad as the lip stain pen problem on Monday.

Who wouldn't want a giant moose from Costco?  Alex didn't he told me to put it back.

We snowshoed in the morning.  Had a good time when we first got to Jump Planet for Noor's 5th birthday party.
This week is mostly iphone pictures.  I was lucky to even take one a day.  We had a trip to Ikea this week and Alex and I did a Costco run too. 

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