Friday, October 02, 2009

Alex 9 days old, Nathan 25th Month

Nathan is adjusting to being a big brother. He seems to love Alex but does not understand how fragile a baby is. At this point I don't feel like I can leave them in a room together alone. Nathan has explored Alex's eye with his finger and tries to pick him up when I am not looking. Nathan has also been getting his 2 year molars for the past month. So it doesn't help that he isn't feeling that great these days. Nathan has also taken to fake crying to get my attention. I am trying to ignore it with the hopes it will go away with extra attention. Nathan is expressing himself more and more with words. He picks up everything we say. His new phrase when Paul leaves the house is "see you tomorrow" He got that from me when he stayed with my parents for 2 nights. Pretty sure he doesn't get what tomorrow is yet. Nathan can nearly count to 10. He knows most of his colors. Can identify most letters and numbers by name. And knows the names for most of the basic shapes. Nathan is sleeping well in his new room. He loves his trains and tractors. He is getting pretty good at golf too.

Alex has been a joy to have at home. I think part he is an "easy" baby and part that Paul and I are experienced parents with less worry this time around. Alex right now only seems to cry during diaper changes or if he has been waiting a bit to long for a feeding. For the first 3 nights at home he was doing two 4 hour sleeps at night. This was not true for the last 2 nights were we were up every 2 or 3 hours. Despite this I am feeling rested during the day. Alex is lifting his head, is awake for a few hours a day,and sleeps though the noise of Nathan with ease. Alex left the hospital at weight of 7lbs 10oz. On day 5 he had gained 4 oz. He goes in early next week for another checkup.

Family and friends have been great with helping me out. Paul went back to work on Wednesday. I have had lots great dinners and free babysitting. The hardest part of the week is resting. Being on pain pills makes me think I can resume normal activities, when I really can't. Today I did venture out of the house with both the kids. Nathan went to Willow's house and I went to the doctor for a quick check up. Only took me 3 hours to prep and be out the door. I forgot my pain pills and was hurting pretty bad by the time I got home. Alex did great in the car ride. Slept the whole time.

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