Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nathan 19 Months

Nathan turned 19 months almost a month ago now so this really should be Nathan 20 months. Time seems to be going by fast. In his 19 month Nathan is learning the skill of language very quickly. "It is ok", "There it is", "I did it", "I see it" are common sayings that are heard in the house. He is learning how to copy you when you say a word. This week I heard "kitty" and "slide" added. He also babbles. He is always talking while playing, riding in the car or walking. Paul likes to make up what he is saying... sometimes I think he is right. It truly is amazing to see and hear. Another skill he has learned is climbing. Coffee tables and bar stools are no match, I think he would love to learn how to get into his high chair.

Nathan is loving his friends. He has a great time playing with Zoe. At bed time the love to run around and chase each other. Zoe has a great new house that they can run in circles. Yesterday Nathan was in his first parade with the Woodinville toddler group. He and Willow got to sit back in the wagon and watch the rain and wave at their fans. I do think Nathan was more excited about dragging the pin wheel on the ground.

Nathans favorite things to do are play basketball at Grandma and Grandpa's house. He gets really excited at the words we are going to Grandmas. He also loves his Brio train set and has found that the window makes a perfect track for his cars. "Choo Choo" can be heard all day from him. Another favorite activity is Remote control helicopter and truck with daddy.

Last month Nathan did his second visit with Children's hospital. He is a control subject for plagiocephaly study aka head shape. He went at 6 months, 18 months and will have one more visit at 3 years old. They test to see if he is learning at the correct age. So far he has been within normal ranges for his age. Of course we think he is above average. Here is his 3D image from the study.

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