Friday, December 19, 2008

Another 3 days stuck at home?

There is a snow/wind storm coming our way and I am not too happy about it. I truly hope the power stays on because we have no heat if it goes out. Our dinky little fireplace hardly will make a dent in the 25 degree highs that are expected for the next few days.

Nathan and I have cabin fever, we were both excited for our little outing to get pizza and to stock up on supplies for the weekend. We will not run out of food this weekend. We both might have to talk the driver into a latte or something so we can have one last outing before we are stuck.

Nathan is doing well. He understands so much. I never knew that at 16 month old would know how to find the little car or the red car. I never knew that when you said bath time at this age that they would go running for the bathroom and try to jump in the tub. I love that he gets excited about airplanes, lights, baths, eating, and outside. It is great that he will sit still for me when I put on his shoes to go outside. It is interesting that he is starting to undress himself. I am less excited that he thinks it is fun to hit me, pull my hair, stuff his mouth, bonk heads or gets so frustrated when he tries to get on the couch. Right now he is working on climbing... well he does have to keep up with Zoe.

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